Kishwaukee Archers Inc.

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Kishwaukee work hour projects

For membership application Click Here
Please log any work hours on the clipboard, inside the club house, so we can keep your work hours up to date. It’s your responsibility to get approval from a board member prior to performing the work and to write your hours down. All members with working memberships must have their hours completed between January 1st and December 31st of each calendar year.

• Flag pole maintenance. Click Here for Info
• Paint and repair signs. Click Here for Info
• Fireplace Chimney needs brick work
• 3d setup and kitchen help needed for upcoming shoots. Contact Tony or Josh for more info

Before doing work, contact any board member or the range captains:
Range Captain: Randy Rutledge
(630) 308-1752
Range Captain: John kufer
(630) 346-7246
Candy Buie: Cleaning Commitee
Phone: (815) 719-4679

Kitchen chair: Tony Skiroock
3D Shoot chair: Josh Lepage
Ji m Buie Cleaning Commitee
Phone: (815) 719-4669